Testimonials & Links


“I SO look forward to my appointments with Margaret!  She does a fabulous job of working out the knots and cricks and I feel so relaxed and refreshed after.  In addition, she is very knowledgeable about muscle structure and physiology and has been incredibly helpful by explaining “the why and how” of my aches and pains.  Margaret listens to what is ailing you to provide the best service she can.  You will be very pleased with the results after her time with you!”  - Jan L.

"Margaret is very personable, knowledgeable and really takes care of my aches and pains. Love her!" -MaryAnn G.

"Margaret makes you feel comfortable.  She worked on what I needed her to I was so stiff and I had not been in for massage for awhile...I'm glad she was able to work the knots out" - Audra T.

"Margaret exceeded my expectations! My massage relieved my headache and she provided me with info on pressure points to massage when I feel a headache coming" - Rebecca T.

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