About Me

 My name is Margaret Hartmann and I am a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT#14209) in the State of Oregon, National Certified (NCBTMB#506091-06) and insured by the AMTA.  I've been practicing massage since 2005 and enjoying every minute!  Practicing massage over the years has brought joy, peace and balance into my life.  Something which, I wish to share with you as well.  

 My journey started while I was working as a comptroller for a construction company.  I had worked in that industry for almost 10years when I decided that I needed and wanted something more.  I had always been the person friends would come to when they needed their shoulders rubbed.  Always being told "you have such strong hands".  I finally decided that it was time to see if that was true.  I enrolled and graduated from the North Eastern Institute of Whole Health in Manchester, New Hampshire.  

As my journey continued I found myself moving to California and working as a LMT and training to be a Physical Therapy Aide at a Chiropractic/Physical Therapy clinic.  California was beautiful and the learning experience working alongside Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Physicians Assistants, and Osteopaths was a valuable one.  However, my journey was sending me on a new path.  Oregon. I have been living and working in this beautiful state for over eight years. I love it here in the great Northwest! In my free time I love to hike, listen to music, read, go on roadtrips to nowhere in particular and be with family and friends.  

 My journey is now continuing.   This website will provide you with the information and tools you will need to find out more about becoming a client.  Thank you again for your time and I look forward to seeing you soon.  

Margaret Hartmann. LMT, CCA
Well Kneaded Massage, LLC 

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